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New releases - November 2019

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Simon Nabatov - Barry Guy - Gerry Hemingway ---- LUMINOUS

Bobby Bradford - Hafez Modirzadeh - Ken Filiano - Royal Hartigan ---- LIVE AT THE MAGIC TRIANGLE

released as a series of concerts on NoBusiness Records ---

Andrew Lamb - Warren Smith - Arkadijus Gotesmanas ---- LIVE AT VILNIUS JAZZ FESTIVAL

Five solo recordings of Howard Riley

Five solo recordings of Howard Riley

The English composer Harrison Birtwistle has a piece called Endless Parade. It attempts to capture on the concert stage the experience of hearing a marching band moving through the streets of an Italian hill town: now audible, now muffled by distance and intervening structures, now loud and near at hand, now clashing with another band marking the same gala day. I always think of Howard Riley when I hear Endless Parade, and I always think of Endless Parade when I listen to Howard Riley, and I do the latter much more often. ~ Liner notes on the release by Brian Morton


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Awards & honorable mentions

Concert in Vilnius - CD coverart
Concert in Vilnius

Best album of 2019 - Andrey Henkin - New York City Jazz Record
5 stars - Nick Metzger - Free Jazz Blog

Zenith - CD coverart

Best Unearthed Gem of 2019 - New York City Jazz Record
Best album of 2019 - Derek Taylor - Dusted
Best historical release - Patrick Friscoi - 14th Annual Jazz Critics Poll: 2019
Best historical release - Andrey Henkin - 14th Annual Jazz Critics Poll: 2019
Best historical release - Larry Blumenfeld - 14th Annual Jazz Critics Poll: 2019

DETAIL - Day Two - CD coverart
DETAIL - Day Two

Top 10 Jazz Albums of 2019 - Cadence Magazine Critic's Pool
Best historical release - Chris Monsen - 14th Annual Jazz Critics Poll: 2019

Homework - CD coverart

4 STARS - Downbeat

Summer Bummer - CD coverart
Summer Bummer

5 stars - Fabricio Vieira - Free Form / Free Jazz

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Latest CDs

Zenith - CD coverart

NBCD 124: Zenith

Brain in a Dish - CD coverart

NBCD 121: Brain in a Dish

The Aiki - CD coverart

NBCD 120: The Aiki

Katarsis4 - CD coverart

NBCD 119: Katarsis4

Emanation - CD coverart

NBCD 118: Emanation

Summer Bummer - CD coverart

NBCD 117: Summer Bummer

Homework - CD coverart

NBCD 116: Homework

Luminous - CD coverart

NBCD 112: Luminous