The Prisoner

Featuring: Ingrid Laubrock | Mat Maneri | Max Johnson | Tomas Fujiwara

Musicians on the recording

Ingrid Laubrock - tenor sax
Mat Maneri - viola
Max Johnson - bass
Tomas Fujiwara - drums

Recording track list

1. No.6 Arrival / No.58 Orange Alert 11:02
2. X04 6:11
3. No.12 Schitzoid Man (Gemini) 4:49
4. No.24 Hammer into Anvil 10:34
5. No.48 Living in Harmony 10:46
6. The New Number 2 7:33
7. No.2 Once Upon a Time / No.1 Fallout 14:02
NoBusiness Records NBCD 66
Release year - 2014

Credits and release info

  • All compositions by Max Johnson (Max Johnson Music ASCAP)
  • Recorded 20th December, 2012 by Tom Tedesco at Tedesco Studios, Paramus, NJ
  • Mixed by Eivind Opsvik at Greenwood Underground, Brooklyn, NY
  • Mastered by Tim Cramer at Cramersound, New York, NY
  • Design by Oskaras Anosovas
  • Produced by Max Johnson
  • Executive Producer - Danas Mikailionis
  • Co-producer – Valerij Anosov

Reviews and articles


Tim Niland -

Bassist Max Johnson has been building up quite an impressive resume as both a leader and a sideman for a variety of labels. His second release of this year is a collaborative effort with Ingrid Laubrock on tenor saxophone, Mat Maneri on viola and Tomas Fujiwara on drums. You might think that this unit could blow up quite a storm, and indeed they do on a few sections of the recording, but most of the music is given over to slow and atmospheric improvisations. The group shows quite a bit of cohesion and self control in the building of their music, and Maneri’s subtle and patient bowing meshes very well with Ingrid Laubrock who is quite comfortable at low volume and long narrow bands of sound. This is an interesting album, definitely worth picking up if you are interested in patient and slowly developing music that envelops you in a sense of unease. It is all the more powerful when the band really lets loose on more feverish improvisational sections, coming as a shock and keeping the listener on their toes throughout the album, developing the sound of surprise and not knowing what might be around the next corner.

The Prisoner -

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