LENsemble - Contemporary music: Orient


Musicians on the recording

LENsemble Vilnius,
Vykintas Baltakas - conducting
and guests: 
Najat Suleiman - voice (Syrian)
Sherif el Razzaz, clarinet
Nesma Abdel Aziz - percussion
Hassan Taha - oud
Khaled Abdallah Dagher - cello

Recording track list


1. LENsemble, Vykintas Baltakas (cond.) - AMR OKBA - Integration 05:55
2. Andrius Žiūra, cl. - AMR OKBA - Utopia 04:35
3. Giedrius Gelgotas (fl), Sergejus Okrusko (pno) - BUSHRA EL-TURK - Marionette 07:43
4. LENsemble Vilnius, Najat Suleiman, Hassan Taha, Vykintas Baltakas (cond.) - HASSAN TAHA - The Dice Player 08:06
5. Najat Suleiman, Hassan Taha, Nesma Abdel Aziz & Khaled Abdallah Dagher - Collective improvisation 07:16


NoBusiness Records NBCC 10
Release year - 2022

Credits and release info

LENsemble is happy to present to you our new publication in the series Contemporary Classical at No Business Records: Contemporary music: Orient. These are the recordings from our joint project with the Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble in 2016