Contemporary Music From Ukraine


Musicians on the recording

Vykintas Baltakas - conductor
Roman Yusipey - accordeon
Rusnė Mataitytė - violin
Rytis Paulius Juškaitis - piano
Robertas Beinaris - oboe

Recording track list


Rusnė Mataitytė (vln), Rytis Paulius Juškaitis (pno) - BORIS LYATOSHINSKY - Sonata for Violin and Piano (1926) I  07:32
Rusnė Mataitytė (vln), Rytis Paulius Juškaitis (pno) - BORIS LYATOSHINSKY - Sonata for Violin and Piano (1926) II  04:21
Rusnė Mataitytė (vln), Rytis Paulius Juškaitis (pno) - BORIS LYATOSHINSKY - Sonata for Violin and Piano (1926), III 05:15
Rytis Paulius Juškaitis (pno) - VITALY HODZIATSKY - Разрывы Плоскостей for Piano [1963]  05:47
LENsemble Vilnius, Vykintas Baltakas (cond.) - ANNA ARKUSHYNA - Körnung for Ensemble (2012–13) 09:23
Roman Yusipey (acc), Robertas Beinaris (ob) - MAXIM KOLOMIIETS - Re-Pulse for Oboe and Accordion (2012) 09:26
Roman Yusipey (acc) - BOHDAN SEHIN - And the Sailors Enjoying the View of the Earth... for Accordion (2011) 04:22
LENsemble Vilnius, Vykintas Baltakas (cond.) - ANNA KORSUN - Undersurface for Ensemble (2012)  11:04
Roman Yusipey (acc) - VICTORIA POLEVA - Null for Accordion (2005)  08:11


NoBusiness Records NBCC 7
Release year - 2022

Credits and release info

This album features modern and contemporary music from Ukraine. LENsemble Vilnius produced the recordings in a close cooperation with Ukrainian accordionist Roman Yusipey. The album represents a broad spectrum of artists and styles, including prominent works by Boris Lyatoshinsky, one of the fathers of Ukrainian modern music and Anna Koršun, the rising start of the younger generation.

LENsemble (Lithuanian Ensemble Network) is a professional Contemporary Music organization connecting professional ensembles, soloists and conductors. Vykintas Baltakas directs LENsemble as an open platform where creative ideas can be professionally realized and as a united ensemble – LENsemble. LENsemble consists of: the Chordos String Quartet, Kristupas Wind Quintet, Kaskados Piano Trio, Vilnius Brass Quintet, accordionist Raimondas Sviackevičius and others.
LENsemble is working with established institutions of contemporary music in Lithuania and abroad, such as the Lithuanian Composers’ Union, Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre, Lithuanian Academy of Music and theatre, Goethe-Institut and Karsten Witt Musikmanagement Berlin. LENsemble is a positive presence in the international contemporary music scene. LENsemble is proud about its performances at the WDR (2009), at the Ruhr European Capital of Culture (2010), Ultraschall Festival Berlin (2013), Concertgenouw Brugge (2016), Flagey Brussels (2017), its recordings for Kairos, Deutschland Radio Kultur, WDR, Lithuanian Radio and Television. In 2011, LENsemble started the concert series Composers of Our Time, featuring influential international and Lithuanian composers. LENsemble has already presented programs with music by Gerhard Stäbler (2011), Bronius Kutavičius (2012), Luciano Berio (2013), Wolfgang Rihm and Matthias Pintscher (2014), John Woolrich (2014), Maurio Kagel (2016), Osvaldas Balakauskas (2017), Serbian (2015), Ukrainian (2015) or contemporary Oriental (2017) music. In 2016 LENsemble, in collaboration with Kairos Music, produced a new portrait CD of Vykintas Baltakas.

ROMAN YUSIPEY is an Ukrainian accordionist. He graduated from Kiev National P. Tchaikovsky Academy of Music in 2006; in 2009–2012, he was on a traineeship at the University of Music and Drama in Hannover. He has been awarded the first prize in Premio di Montese IX International Competition (Italy) and the second prize in the Golden Accordion I International Competition in New York, was a jury member at the International accordion competition in Lanciano (Italy). In 2009–2010 Roman got a scholarship from Russian Performing Art Public Foundation, since 2010 is a fellow at the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation. He has performed over 60 concerts as a soloist with Ukrainian and Polish conductors. The musician collaborates with many contemporary composers. He has made the premiers of pieces by Giia Kancheli, Jacqueline Fontyn, Dmitry Kourliandski, Vladimir Ranniev, Aleksandr Khubeev, Bohdan Sehin, Viktoria Polevaia, Zoltan Almashi, Oleksandr Grinberg, Anna Havrylets, Alla Zagajkevytch, Serhiy Zazhytko, Maksym Kolomiiets, Serhiy Piljutikov, Liubava Sydorenko, Maksym Shorenkov and Oleksandr Shchetynsky. Roman also established himself as an author of several art projects like Accordion Extreme, De profundis with works of Sofia Gubaidulina, ONLY YOUsipei.