Featuring: Hernâni Faustino

Musicians on the recording

Yedo Gibson - baritone and soprano saxophone
Hernâni Faustino - double bass
Vasco Trilla - drums and percussion

Recording track list

1. Mesh 8:44
2. Gear 8:15
3. Lock 10:40
4. Axis 11:45
5. Pivot 13:59
6. Tooth 8:03
NoBusiness Records NBCD 101
Release year - 2017

Credits and release info

  • All music by Gibson, Faustino and Trilla
  • Recorded on the 14th June, 2016 at Scratch Built Studio, Lisbon by John Klima
  • Mixed by Rafal Drewniany
  • Mastered by Arūnas Zujus at MAMAstudios
  • Photo of Yedo Gibson by Peter Gannushkin
  • Photos of Hernâni Faustino and Vasco Trilla by Nuno Martins
  • Design by Oskaras Anosovas
  • Produced by Danas Mikailionis
  • Co-producer - Valerij Anosov

Reviews and articles

Maciej Lewenstein - 

Another excellent encounter of Vasco with Yedo, this time in the company of the amazing Hernâni Faustino. Already the first track "Mesh" is strange: it seem like Vasco is... drumming. It is a perfect powerful free jazz/free improvisation trio with Yedo Gibson leading first on soprano, and then on baritone, with the section giving a true re behind. The second "Gear" is perhaps
even more abstract, with Vasco creating incredible "no-drumming" sounds, Hernâni bowing and finger picking like hell, and Yedo exploring crazy soprano variations.
"Lock" is very different, more peaceful, with ballad-like moods. Yedo starts with long, a little screaming sounds of baritone supported by the delicate background of the section.
For me this is the most beautiful track of the album, although my first choice favorite is the 14 minutes long "Axis". Yedo started again with fast sequences on soprano, After a minute he is joined by the rhythm section. Yedo gives here a true kaleidoscope of his contemporary technics. Vasco and Hernâno, again, contribute to this track as a "traditional" drummer and bass player.

The following "Pivot" is actually equally good and interesting. It starts quietly with strangely sounding baritone, with space filled with abstract bass and drums sounds. Somewhere in the middle Yedo turns to soprano, but keeps the open mood. The session ends with "Tooth", another explosion of synergy and mutual feeling, with baritone lines not from this world. The whole recording, issued by NoBusiness Records, is simply fantastic.

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