Japan Suite

Featuring: François Carrier

Musicians on the recording

François Carrier - alto saxophone
Masayo Koketsu
- alto saxophone
Daisuke Fuwa
- double bass
Takashi Itani
- drums and percussion

Recording track list

1. Uchi-soto(Inside Outside) 25:10
2. Kacho-fugetsu(Flower, bird, wind, moon) 14:27
3. Rakuyou(Falling Leaves) 15:35
4. Ogose(Town Ogose) 8:31
5. Yuzu(Citron) 11:15
6. Kaze To Kumo Ni Noboru(Climb the Wind and Clouds) 3:28



NoBusiness Records NBCD 125
Release year - 2020

Credits and release info

  • Recorded live at Yamaneko-ken, Ogose, Saitama, Japan, 7th December, 2019
  • Gig promoted by Tatsuo Minami for Yamaneko-ken
  • Recorded and mixed by François Carrier
  • Mastered by Arūnas Zujus at MAMAstudios
  • Cover artwork - © 2014 Éric le Ménédeu
  • Booklet photos - Yoshie Tachiki
  • Album produced by Kenny Inaoka, François Carrier and Danas Mikailionis
  • Co-producer - Valerij Anosov

Reviews and articles

Jan Granlie - Salt Peanuts

Maciej Lewenstein -

NoBusiness Records made several fantastic releases during the Covid19 era: "Japan Suite" it a perfect example. Recorded live at Yamaneko-ken, Ogose, Saitama, Japan, in December 2019, includes 6 kind free jazz songs in Japanese style. The fantastic idea of this album is actually to confront kind free jazz phrasing of François with the truly free jazz phrasing of Masayo Koketsu. That is actually the second amazing aspect of this album: the battle of two alto saxophones. The opening monumental "Uchi-soto - Inside Outside" is a great illustration of these aspects. All of this happen t with the help of the amazing rhythm section of Daisuke Fuwa and Takashi Itani: imaginative, creative and expressive. "Kacho-fugetsu - The Beauties of Nature" is notable for the incredible load of joy of joint making music. It is a more traditional track with a "walking bass" structure, but a completely crazy conversation of altos that develops into an orgiastic free jazz explosion. "Rakuyou - Falling Leaves" is the most beautiful track of the album - a slow ballad-like track with heart breaking howls of the two saxophonists. "Ogose", which is the name of a town, starts with a wonderful bass solo and develops into another tears-squeezing ballad with an eruptive and expressive final . "Yuzu - Citron" returns to the more powerful climates in terms of saxophone phrasing, keeping, however, a moderate tempo. "Kaze to kumo ni noboru - Climb the wind and clouds" end this outstanding, but unusual record of François: it is without any doubts his music, yet very different from what were used to. A multi-carat diamond!!!

Japan Suite -

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