Album information


  • Adam Caine: guitar
  • Tom Blancarte: bass
  • John Wagner: drums

Tracks (listen to demo excerpts):

  1. Outer Church 8’20”
  2. Ride the Tiger 5’31”
  3. Castros 8’51”
  4. Thousandfold 10’32”
  5. The Howl 8’29”
  6. Invisible Kingdom 6’48”
  7. Eschatology 7’46”
  8. Human Body 5’07”
Total time: 55:45

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This record has been made possible by generous support of UAB "Vanvita" and UAB "Garsu pasaulis". Great thanks to them

NoBusiness Records NBCD 3, 2009, edition of 1000 cd’s

  • All compositions by Adam Caine (AC Sounds (ASCAP), Tom Blancarte (Xibalba (BMI) and John Wagner.
  • Recorded 24/10/2008 by Steve Griesgraber at Soft Landing Studios, Brooklyn NY.
  • Mixed and mastered by Jim Clouse at Park West Studios, Brooklyn NY.
  • Photos by Michael Iannantuono and Liesl Henrichsen.
  • Design by Oskaras Anosovas.
  • Executive producer – Danas Mikailionis.
  • Co-producer – Valerij Anosov.

The Reviews & Articles

Review at AAJ Italy (translated from Italian)

Musical experimentation is a process of constantly searching for new approaches to old materials, which often allow us to rediscover these materials in a different and unexpected light. Together with his partners in adventure (Tom Blancarte on contrabass and John Wagner on drums), Adam Caine has decided to take such an experimental approach in releasing this uncommon recording. Musicians such as Joe Morris and Bruce Eisenbeil have already for some time been successfully pushing the technical limits of the guitar-bass-drum trio. The Adam Caine Trio now adds something else. Caine’s philosophy is interesting, as described in the liner notes by way of an interview in which he responds to imaginary questions that someone may have asked him.

The Trio veers from orthodox technique to the freedom of shooting at the listener point-blank, with what seem to be gratuitously violent moments when the climate flares and the fury of the elements destroys everything in its path. But this attitude does not continue perpetually, because the poetry of freedom at all costs always has a romantic backdrop. Between the notes a constructive movement appears, which also derives from Caine’s studies with pianist Connie Crothers, towards the discovery of sound, an approach to improvisation that goes far beyond scholastic instruction.

And thus, there is nothing left but to allow ourselves to be guided through the sonic labyrinths that Caine offers us in such a personal way. Finally, categorically renouncing any attempt at stylistic imitation, there emerges something with its own identity and original form. A pleasant surprise, as the Adam Caine Trio takes a step beyond the usual sonic antagonism.

About Adam Caine

Adam Caine is a guitarist, improvisor and composer. Adam fronts the Adam Caine Trio with Tom Blancarte and John Wagner and the Adam Caine Quartet with Nick Lyons, Adam Lane and John Wagner. Adam also plays in Johnny Butler’s Scurvy and Eric Eigner’s Mysterium.
Adam grew up in Rochester, New York and studied music at the University of Rochester. Since 2000 he has lived in Brooklyn, New York and has played in New York City and throughout the United States. Adam has performed with Connie Crothers, Paul Smoker, Daniel Carter, Ken Filiano, Phil Haynes, Glen Branca, Haale, and the New York Soundpainting Ensemble.
Adam’s 2005 CD, "PIPE," received rave reviews in the Wire, Cadence, and All About Jazz. In 2008, Adam was awarded a grant from the Brooklyn Arts council for an improvised performance with visual artist Marjan Moghaddam. As a composer for video art, Adam’s music has been featured in over 20 international festivals since 2006.


Reviews on Adam Caine’s first CD PIPE

“Being blindsided by newcomers is one of our favorite sensations, and the latest to smack us upside the ears is guitarist Adam Caine. He’s clearly his own man, and one to watch.”
~ Time Out New York

“Powerful blues-inflected playing that would easily find a home on Miles Davis’ Jack Johnson sessions.”
~ Nick Southgate, The Wire

“Benefiting from a post punk industrial mindset and having its roots in free jazz/psychedelia, Adam Caine’s trio, that bears his last name, has debuted with Pipe, a soundtrack of soundscapes that stretch sonic boundaries. A trio in the truest sense, Caine’s guitar certainly wails, screams and contorts but is an integral part of the overall sound. Bassist Ken Filiano and drummer Phil Haynes mesh with Caine and do their part to blur the lines between specific instruments in support of the overall feel.”
~ Elliott Simon, All About Jazz

“In the days of bloated compact discs where far too much music is left in the program, rather than on the cutting room floor where it belongs, Pipe is truly one of those rare discs that leaves you wanting more. With Caine’s forthright delivery alongside his gifted cohorts, this is one of those releases that truly comes out of left field, leaving you glad that you stumbled upon it.”
~ Jay Collins, “One Final Note”